About us

How we work

The years of experience of the CONTOUR team lie at the basis of our agency developing a process that enables us to come up to speed and provide creative and innovating products which address both our clients and their target audiences. Here is how our magic works.


What differentiates your business from the competition? Who is your target audience and what are you offering them? How are your competitors doing and how can we help you do better? We help you develop a critical eye when it comes to your own business and stay ahead on the market. The ideas and information we gather in this process form the foundation of our working partnership, allowing us to produce deliverables that meet the standards.


Our clients will have access to a project portal that speeds up feedback, file sharing and scheduling. The electronic way constitutes just one part of the whole spectrum. The best results come with face-to-face meetings and video conferences. We accept your projects with a leadership role and commit to being available for you 24/7.


Applications and efficient websites do not come alive by pure accident, just like inserting great photos on a web page does not guarantee success. That is why we put a great deal of care into constructing and testing our solutions before they go into design. A good page balance, navigation flow and usability will lure your audience and direct them in the right direction, the direction you want them to take.


Fully armed with the important background information and often with the tested solution, our team of designers contour our campaigns. From developing a new corporate identity to printing and setting up websites and Internet and email marketing campaigns, our work is specifically designed for your target audience.


We involve our clients in the creative process, ask for their feedback and improve our services until we achieve the ideal solution for their needs and goals.


When developing websites and applications, we seek to test our ideas in terms of structure and design and receive approval before we begin the development process. Having a functional structure and creative specifications allows us to build working beta versions and start their retouching and improvement immediately. Whether a CMS-enabled, custom PHP, Ruby on Rails or JavaScript website, we have the necessary skills and the best tools for the job.

Follow-up and documentation

Once we have launched a new brand or website, we continue to provide our full assistance to our clients. Our work complies with the branding guidelines and follows the technical steps required for things to remain solid over time.